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Fall in Love with Mexico City: Discover Art, Shopping, Cuisine, and Hotel Gems

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Fall in Love with Mexico City: Discover Art, Shopping, Cuisine, and Hotel Gems


Katherine Suarez

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“Feet, what do I need you for
when I have WINGS to FLY?”
I DON’T paint Dreams or Nightmares,
I paint my OWN reality.”

– Frida Kahlo

There is nothing like visiting a place that you haven’t seen in a long time, and falling in love with it in a completely new way. This is how I feel about Mexico City. I could feel the passion and friendliness of the people, and a new emergence. There are so many details within Mexico City’s art and design, and it’s hard not to be swept into its vibrancy. With countless art galleries, street murals, and architectural history on every corner, there is so much to discover in this city that Frida Kahlo called home.

I can’t wait to share with you a list of my favorite hotels, delicious food spots, art exhibits, and shops. From the foodie haven of Roma Norte to the trendy boutiques of Condesa, our Nomad Travel guide will unveil to you the magic that is Mexico City. 

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Octavia Casa | Ignacia Guest House

Discover the Best Places to Stay in Mexico City: Unveiling Hidden Gems for Your Perfect Stay

Now first, for design lovers like me, you’ll love staying at this hidden gem,  Octavia Casa. From weathered wooden beams, white linens, to handcrafted ceramics, every element within Octavia Casa reflects the essence of wabi sabi. Octavia invites guests to embrace the beauty of imperfection in a tranquil oasis amidst the bustle and creative energy of Mexico City.

If you want to feel a little more vibrant, I also loved staying at Ignacia Guest House. Every corner was bursting with different colours, jewel tones, and character. From the charming courtyard adorned with lush greenery to the eclectic decor, Ignacia Guest House is an escape for creative minds. And don’t forget – you must treat yourself to their famous cinnamon buns in the morning! 

Credits – Circulo Mexicano | Hotel Condesa

While the list can be infinite on where to stay, there are two hotels that were also recommended to me by friends: Hotel Condesa df and Circulo Mexicano. Nestled in the lively Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City, Hotel Condesa df mixes modern and French neoclassical design. In fact, it is set in a building that has been around since 1928! And for the minimalist lover, Circulo Mexicano is your place. You’ll find clean lines, neutral tones, and calming touches throughout this hotel, making it the perfect refuge after a long day.

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Mux Restaurante | Taverna | Vigneron

Delight Your Senses: Discover the Best Places to Dine in Mexico City

For a typical Mexican breakfast, we went to Mux Restaurante, located in the foodie capital of Roma Norte. Mux is led by chef Diana Lopez del Rio. Each dish and accompanying sauce has been researched by the chef, to reflect the original ancestral recipes from the women in the village. Mux is a wonderful place to learn more about Mexico’s culinary history.

If you’re like me and love cozy dining spots, you’ll want to go to Taverna, a candlelit and shabby-chic restaurant nestled right in the heart of the city. Very Nomad. I loved exploring the different rooms! We enjoyed fresh Mediterranean food, amidst the rustic allure, and sipped on handcrafted cocktails that perfectly complemented the rich flavors.

And for a more local experience, Restaurant-Bar El-Bosque is on the top of everyone’s list. You can enjoy that classic Mexican cuisine in an authentic setting, with wooden beamed ceilings and white tablecloths. And during your dinner, you can enjoy live music in their Canteen.

Credits – Em Resataurant | Meroma

Celebrate a Special Occasion At One of These Top Spots

Em Restaurant was recommended to me by a friend. On the World’s 50 Best Restaurants List, Em Restaurant offers a more high-end and unique dining experience with a focus on fresh seafood dishes. Therefore, you can enjoy a beautiful selection of caviar, charcoal-grilled lobina, or clam chione with smoked butter.

At Meroma, chefs Mercedes Bernal and Rodney Cusic collaborated on a vision that brings sustainable ingredients together to reflect Mexico’s land and sea. The space is surrounded by botany and towering trees. In addition to the beautiful ambiance upstairs you can also enjoy eating in the relaxed atmosphere in their bar on the ground floor, a perfect spot to also drink wines.

Restaurante Rosetta | Salon Rosetta

And for one my favourites – led by the acclaimed chef Elena Reygadas, Rosetta is an Italian-Mexican fusion salon, and restaurant. Restaurante Rosetta serves a beautiful mix of Italian and Mexican cuisine, like potato gnocchi with pumpkin seed pesto, chaya and hoja santa. There is a special staircase that winds up, and leads you to the last floor, which is where the floral and charming  Salon Rosetta. is located. Enjoy an after dinner house-made drink or cocktail here, and don’t forget to stop by Mesa Rosetta. Located right beside the restaurant, you can shop their array of wild teas and beers that are on their menu at the Salon, along with eclectic artistic decor pieces.

Enjoy Drinks and Casual Eats

For casual, farm-to-table bites, stop by Tirasavia. You can enjoy a little happy hour, or stay for dinner with locally sourced ingredients, such as their eggplant plate. It was absolutely delicious!

Kick back and unwind with a refreshing evening drink at Vigneron in the heart of Roma Norte. Sip on a glass of wine while marvelling at the ceiling. What’s more is that it is truly a work of art – adorned with intricate details of grape vines, which adds a touch of magic to your night out. 

And don’t forget to stop by Panaderia Rosetta. It is a great place to grab a pastry, sandwich, or refreshing beer. 

Molino el Pujol

Taco Time: Top Tacos in Mexico City

Calling all taco lovers! The next few recommendations are made especially for you.

At Maizajo, you can savor traditional street-style tacos and innovative gourmet creations, like ribeye con papitas fritas or a fresh tostada de atún. In addition, Maizajo offers a subscription service, meaning they will deliver fresh artisan tortillas directly to your door.

Check out one of the few locations of Taqueria Orinoco. One of their famous tacos is with marinated pork cooked on a spit, and topped with onions, cilantro, and pineapple. And the designer in me loved the casual, vintage diner-like ambiance – painted white tiled walls paired with red tables and chairs. 

Head chef Enrique Olvera partnered with agricultural engineer Amado Ramírez to create Molino el Pujol. In fact, this was my first stop after leaving my bags at the hotel! They are revolutionizing the traditional art of Mexican corn farming in Oaxaca, and, as a result, uplifting small-scale farmers. Therefore, you’ll see corn in everything on the menu – from a simple taco made with avocado and a blue-corn tortilla, to traditional corn-based drinks. A stand out for me? Their quesadilla! Don’t forget to check out some of the other products in their shop on your way out.

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The Best Boutique Shopping for Mexican Treasures

Bomboti is an absolute must-visit and was one of my absolute favorite places! I would have bought everything there. A hybrid gallery, shop, showroom, and studio, Bomboti unveils a curated selection of objects and artifacts that evolve with each season. The gallery contains sculptures and paintings from local artists around the region. The showroom and shop showcases furniture and textiles from up and coming designers. Meanwhile, the studio is an experimental space that is open to other artists to promote and expand the creative community in Mexico City.

And then, who doesn’t love strolling through a good bookstore? Shopping at Casa Bosques will satisfy the book lover in everyone. From contemporary fiction, timeless classics, cookbooks, to vintage fashion magazines – you’ll love strolling around this space. Casa Bosques also supports and promotes local artists and musicians through regular launches, lectures, workshops, performances, and exhibits. 

Proyecto Rufina | Proyecto Republica | Escalina

Supporting local artisans is always near and dear to my heart, so I paid a visit to Proyecto Rufina. With a few locations around Mexico City, you’ll find an array of handmade treasures crafted with passion and skill, from woven textiles and candles to intricately designed ceramics.

Then, if you like to shop for clothes, step into Proyecto Republica and experience a vibrant connection to Latin American designers who champion sustainability and community-driven ideals. They carry a wide selection of interesting fashion pieces and unconventional jewelry. There’s even a “shop by country” filter on their website, so you can choose to shop designs from Argentina, Colombia, Perú, Mexico, El Salvador, and España.

After browsing clothing and textiles, you might find something unique at the next-door neighbor, Escalina where you feel like you’re diving into a treasure trove of jewelry and captivating objects. Each piece tells a story.

On this trip, I was hunting more for things for my home. Here’s another two places you can stop by.

Onora Casa is a design studio, founded by owners Maggie and Maria, that collaborates with Mexican artisans. The art of “craft” and telling their artist’s stories is at the heart of Onora. Therefore, each piece not only embodies cultural significance, but what’s more, it helps to support local artisans. As a result, this helps to foster a legacy of creativity and tradition. 

Expendio Doméstico is an incredible home decor shop that receives new items regularly (fun fact: it’s why you’re not able to shop online!) From green glassware,  intricately designed ceramics and a wide variety of woven baskets, it’s hard to resist not walking out with the entire shop.

Kurimanzutto Gallery

Exploring Mexico’s Creative Community and Art Scene

Head on over to the Kurimanzutto gallery. It is actually a large warehouse room that has been around since the late 90s and has grown to represent thirty-eight Mexican and international artists. I loved the minimalistic and contemporary design of the space, especially their courtyard. It was a beautiful addition to the space, that allowed me to take time, sit, and reflect.

Art At Kurimanzutto Gallery

During my visit, I had the pleasure of seeing the work of Mexican contemporary artist, Gabriel Orozco. His diverse portfolio spans sculpture, photography, and installations. Orozco invites audiences to contemplate the complexities of life and society.  

Then, check out LABOR art gallery. With its range of contemporary artworks and welcoming atmosphere, LABOR is the perfect spot to discover new talent and immerse yourself in the local art community. In addition, you can take a walk around the corner and find many other small galleries nearby.

Galería RGR is another gallery closeby. Originally founded in Venezuela, the gallery recently moved into its new space in Mexico City, which, is actually an old editorial office of a Mexican youth magazine! In this gallery, you’ll find a lot of abstract art, paintings, and sculptures. Therefore, Galería RGR is very important in the Mexican art landscape, with its international program hosting the first Latin American shows for many artists. 

Casa Luis Barragán

Take A Visit to the Artist’s Homes

The next time I visit Mexico City, I have to check out Casa Luis Barragán where it seems impossible to get tickets, so check in advance. Luis Barragán was a Mexican architect and engineer, and he built his home – a mix of modern and traditional elements, in 1948. It is acknowledged by UNESCO in their 2004 World Heritage List, and subsequently the only individual property in Latin America to have the UNESCO title.

A must-see on your visit to Mexico City is the Frida Kahlo Museum. Seeing her work in her infamous Casa Azul, where she lived with Diego Rivera (and a few other lovers) is truly remarkable. There is something about being present in an artist’s home, and seeing what inspiration lived around them – like pre-Columbian artifacts and European antiques. Most importantly, keep in mind that you must buy your tickets in at least a week in advance, and have the ticket for the correct time slot!

Whether you’re savoring the flavors of Mexican cuisine, exploring the vibrant markets for unique treasures, looking to support local artists and artisans, or unwinding in stylish accommodations, each moment in this dynamic city promises unforgettable memories.

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