Find your unique voice on Instagram and build an authentic community 

Perhaps until now, you've been posting without a clear strategy and finding it hard to find your unique style. I've created this online Instagram course on how to curate your personal brand, create content that speaks to your ideal client, and grow your community while driving sales.

You will be guided to express more of who you are, tell your brand story so you can finally connect and build your following in an authentic way.


you might be asking yourself

✓ How can I become known and grow my business on Instagram with my true voice? 

✓ How can I curate my feed to attract my ideal clients and like minded-partners? 

✓ How can I create and share interesting content to engage with my followers and grow my community?

For Modern & Soulful Entrepreneurs

What's inside:
"Master Instagram in less than 3 Hours"

About The COURSE


You know your ideal clients are on Instagram and you don't want to miss the opportunity to become more visible while also connecting with like-minded others that can also support your business. You're looking to:

✓ Know how to curate your feed with a clear visual strategy & authentic tone of voice
✓ Attract and connect with your ideal clients, creating interest to know more about your brand
✓ Showcase your products or service in a clear way and convey your brand story
✓ Drive sales, grow your mailing list and attract like-minded collaborations
✓ Nurture constant engagement with clients and grow your target audience
✓ Learn how to become more visible and build a community


What You're Going To Learn:

✓ Strategy Framework on "How to tell your brand story" aligned with your business goals
✓ How to curate and create content that speaks to your audience  (recommended apps and tips) 
✓ Master Basics: Refine Bio description, Curation of your feed and how to set up your Story Highlights to show what your business does and share engaging content

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Our first Online Module is focused on “The Art of Telling your Story”, expressing your brand vision and refining your visual style and self-expression to attract your ideal client.  

In each module, you will have different exercises to work on and put everything into practice.

What you're going to learn:

✓ How to create engagement and become more visible (Collaborations, Latest Instagram features)
✓ What hashtags to use & how to find them 
✓ How to find followers and grow your target audience (hashtags, direct messaging, comments etc.)
✓ How much time do you need to dedicate vs, how to outsource

Our Second Online Module is focused on “The Art of finding your tribe, growing and collaborating". Engagement is needed now more than ever to be visible.


Find Your Story & Style


Growth & Collaborations



what's included?

✓ to audit your own account and your routine processes  


✓ to support everyday needs and be more creative

Suggested Workflows & Apps 

✓ to work on your Instagram strategy and posting content plan 

Practical Worksheets

✓ Visual and Instagram strategy tips and practical exercises for you to access whenever you want (12-month access)

2 Modules Level I & I


✓ Visual and Instagram strategy tips and practical exercises for you to access whenever you want (12-month access)

2 Modules Level I & II 

Forward-thinking brands and entrepreneurs that need to attract and engage with their ideal client in the fast-growing world of Instagram. Whether you're managing your own account or outsourcing it's important that you have a clear visual direction and content strategy.

This is for you if you're are looking to develop confidence in finding your personal voice and style in visual storytelling and wanting to build a community on Instagram. You will learn how to connect authentically with your audience, increase engagement, and refine your visuals aligned with your brand essence in the most popular visual social media platform.


Walk away with

✓ Clear Bio for people to know what you offer, Call to Actions around your goals to drive conversion

✓ Clarity on how to be consistent in your feed and bring in your brand voice in your storytelling

✓ Hashtag strategy: Know how to create your own set of hashtags that will give you visibility

✓ Content strategy: How to deliver high-quality images, theme/cohesion and how to communicate your brand values 

✓ Best practices on how to "Grow and Collaborate", finding your tribe and attracting ideal clients

What they say

"An incredible creative think tank!"

I found this workshop beyond inspiring. It was an experience of many layers that inspired me visually and mentally. Katherine's sound knowledge, down-to-earth approach and warm personality gave me confidence in expressing myself."

Venessa Dace

Aspiring Entrepreneur /  South Africa

"Valuable tools to put into action"

"For my spa brand we were working on a social media strategy that would showcase our offering for spas as well as end consumers. Working with Katherine is like having a CMO in your corner. As an entrepreneur without a large internal team, Katherine gave me the tools to put together the right external team and provide that team with actionable plan and direction."

Alla Feldman

Founder, Of the Islands / NETHERLANDS

With over 20 years of experience leading digital initiatives in the Fashion and Outdoor Industry for international brands including e North Face, 7 For All Mankind, Vans and Benetton. Today, she is the founder of Nomad Atelier working with forward looking brands, startups, aspiring & solopreneurs. Everything Katherine does has a curated, bespoke approach — from ongoing consulting & advising working with like-minded clients looking to be innovative, grow their business and find their own voice to carefully tailored workshops empowering people to slow down, refocus and design the lifestyle & business they want.

From Colombian origins, she lives now Italy while traveling around the world to work with clients.


Digial Strategy & Thoughtful Branding


✓ Checklist to audit your own account and behind the scene processes  

✓ Suggested Workflows & Apps to support everyday needs

✓ 2 Modules Level I & II Visual and Instagram strategy tips and practical exercises for you to access whenever you want (12-month access)


✓Practical Worksheets to work on your Instagram strategy 




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We cannot take responsibility for your sales. If you implement tactics given, you will see tangible results, but these will differ from business to business depending on different factors (Ex. audience size, your commitment, previous efforts, investments and so on).

No part of this course or any marketing materials may be reproduced or shared without written permission in advance. These courses are protected by Copyright.